Generic Clonazepam

29. november 2011 at 11:08

Related article: D D EJ M/I Originally Generic Clonazepam Prescribed Product/Service Id Qualifier 4938 B M/I Originally Prescribed Product/Service Id Qualifier D D D D EK Scheduled Prescription ID Number 4939 B Scheduled Prescription ID Number B B B B EM M/I Prescription/Service Reference Number Qualifier 4239 B The Prescription/Service Reference Number Qualifier does not match one of the valid values specified for the field. D D D D EN M/I Associated Prescription/Service Reference Number 4240 B The Associated Prescription/Service Reference Number is missing (zeros) on a reversal for a completion transaction. Used for Partial Fills When dispensing a partial fill, the Dispensing Status code is submitted to indicate the transaction is for an �initial� partial fill. When the �outstanding� quantity is dispensed, the transaction 1) indicates the Dispensing Status code is for the �completion� of the partial fill; 2) identifies the Associated Prescription/Service Reference Number; and 3) identifies the Associated Prescription/Service Date. D D D D EP M/I Associated Prescription/Service Date 4241 B The Associated Prescription/Service Date is missing (zeros) on the reversal of a completion transaction Used for Partial Fills D D D D ER M/I Procedure Modifier Code 4242 B The Procedure Modifier Code is missing (spaces). B B B B
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